Epic Falls are falls that are epic.(DUH) Write here about yours or ones you've seen. But no rise and fall of the Roman Empire! That might be an epic fall, but that's not the subject.


Dog Chasin'Edit

Back when I was training my dog, he was always getting into stuff he shouldn't. Once when he did this I was chasing him to take it. When we rounded a corner a paper was on the floor, and I sliped on it.(and made a BIG thud as I hit the floor.)

Let's Wax 'im!Edit

Once I was running in a building to relay some news fast. The bad part was that the floor had just been waxed. You can probably imagine what happened next.


Stuff that nobody here did but, epic/humorous none-the-less.

thumb|left|500px|Can YOU top the Tops?

thumb|left|500px|The Moral is: Don't defy gravity & it won't defy you. thumb|left|500px|C'mon people! You'll make the enemy agents think we're a race of idiots!

thumb|left|500px|Those are my lil' dare-devils!