Cats can get mad really, really, easily. When they do, they get in fights. Some cats just use front paws, to fight, while others use, back legs, teeth, or their whole body. Talk about some of the most epic cat fights you've ever seen.(Or heard.)


The fights, witnessed by User:SpaceDude.

Fight Night!Edit

I was sleeping one night with my window open. & I heard this:

*meow meow*

*meow meow*

*meow meow*


Then I heard various other cat noises, that were loud. Note that my sister's cat, was in the house. This was at about, 3:26 am.

Rocky VS. SunnyEdit

I was at my aunt's house once when, a cat(Rocky) was in my lap. I was petting him. But one of my aunt's other cats,(Sunny) decided that she wanted to be peted. She hissed at Rocky, Rocky his back, Rocky jumped off my lap, & the two started Duking it out.


Other cat wars.

thumb|500px|left|For all you boxing fans out there!

thumb|500px|left|It's the UFC on a whole new level!