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Geometry Wars
is a video-game series, by Bizzare Creations, and is impossibly awesome.


The series has seven games, each one with online leader-board capabilities.

Geometry WarsEdit

A mini-game originally from Project Gotham Racing 2. It'a shooter where the player is in a grid must defend themselves from several Geometric enemies by shooting them. It's a retro-style space-game. Two flash variations are known to exist.

Survival Flash


Geometry Wars: Retro EvolvedEdit

New graphics, better sound & more enemies make this game rock! In one version it's even 2-player.

Geometry Wars: WavesEdit

Survive as long as you can with one live against orange, rocket-like enemies.

Boom Boom RocketEdit

A retro-style rythm game, where the player tries to create fire works to different tunes. (Even Classical)

Geometry Wars: GalaxiesEdit

A game which features new enhancements like drones,(Wingmen) Geoms,(Currency) 2-player, & new grids. Geoms are used to buy new Galaxies(Where there are 3 or more grids.), New Drones, and Grids.

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2Edit

The enemies have changed to different forms. And you now will have to blast your way through them to survive.

Geometry Wars: TouchEdit

An iOS game which combines the best of all it's preduccesors . It has two knobs on screen which are used to aim & fire.